Presenting Code Dx – a Software Vulnerability
Management System with Static and Dynamic Analysis
Tool Support

Find, prioritize, and manage software vulnerabilities – fast and affordably

Code Dx is a software vulnerability management system that brings together static and dynamic code analysis so you can quickly find and manage vulnerabilities in the code you write, in the languages you use, at a price you can afford. By correlating and consolidating the results of hybrid application testing techniques – static, dynamic and manual – Code Dx helps find the most severe and exploitable vulnerabilities first. Code Dx accelerates the vulnerability discovery and remediation process. And more secure software increases the enterprise security where applications are deployed, decreases the risk of compromise, and decreases developer organization liability.

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Why Use Code Dx

Most computer security incidents can be traced back to weaknesses in software that were inadvertently put there when the code was developed. Attackers can–and very often do–find and exploit such weaknesses as a means to attack your organization’s applications. In today’s business environment replete with so many web-based customer facing applications, it is critical that before you deploy another application, you must test its security and software assurance to discover any weaknesses that puts your organization’s data and reputation at risk.

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Key Features

Configures and automatically runs many bundled SAST tools to easily
find software vulnerabilities

Combines, normalizes and de-duplicates the output of SAST & DAST tools, third-party vulnerabilities and manual findings into a consolidated set of results on a common severity scale

Supports more than 1,500 configurable security/quality rules covering multiple programming languages

Allows manual entry of independently identified software weaknesses, for example, from manual code reviews

Provides robust data filtering

Search filter capability enables in-depth exploration of results

Integrates with JIRA issue tracker to allow users to associate Code Dx findings with JIRA issues and assign them to the development team for remediation

Maps results to the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) and nine additional industry standards

Links findings to exact line of source code

Exposes a REST API to allow for automated scans and report generation

Merging of duplicate results with customizable correlation logic

Provides IDE plug-ins for Eclipse, Visual Studio

Analyzes source directly from a Git source control management repository

Provides an interactive Flow Visualization to summarize thousands of findings in a single view

Carries over triage settings and comments from certain tools

Incremental data upload enables users to send results one at a time

Generates PDF, XML and CSV assessment reports

Supports many open source free tools


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