Automated correlation and vulnerability management speeds the work, so your team can focus on developing.

Secure your application in less time with a smaller team, and ship faster.

Accelerate your application security process

You know that proper application security testing means using multiple testing tools—SAST, DAST, IAST, third-party component analyzers—on top of your own manual processes. But it takes a team of highly-skilled (and hard to find) people to consolidate the many vulnerabilities found by those tools. Code Dx’s automated application vulnerability correlation shaves weeks off that process so you can get right to fixing your code. Its vulnerability management lets you quickly prioritize vulnerabilities (to fix the most important ones first), track progress of their remediation, and observe how your code’s security changes over time. Code Dx even highlights vulnerabilities that may affect your compliance with government regulations. With Code Dx you can spend less time (and money) securing your code, and use those precious resources to grow your product.

Save time

Code Dx helps your tools and teams deliver better results in less time.

Boost accuracy

No single tool tells the whole story. Use several together to tell you what’s really going on with your code.


Check compliance

Automatically check your code to make sure it’s compliant with government regulations like HIPAA, PCI, and the DISA-STIG.

Code Dx Enterprise

You already know that it’s important to use more than one tool and more than one AppSec technique to secure your software, but you’ve also probably experienced that actually using multiple tools is a problem. Sifting through page after page of results, correlating reports from different tools, confirming whether vulnerabilities are real or not, and then prioritizing them can take weeks of effort—all before a single line of code is fixed.

Code Dx Enterprise is an automated application vulnerability management tool that makes all of your testing tools work together to provide one set of correlated results, then helps you prioritize and manage vulnerabilities—integrating with your application lifecycle management tools so your security and development teams work together for faster remediation.

You can stop wasting valuable time managing your tools, and focus on fixing the problems they find.

Code DX Enterprise Application Vulnerability Management


of organizations plan to spend more on AppSec in the next year


of consumers would switch to another app if it was shown to be more secure


of organizations can’t launch a new AppSec program because they lack skilled workers

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How Code Dx can help you

The Code Dx software suite provides a working foundation for an AppSec program, and can be expanded as your operation grows. Don’t risk releasing an app that isn’t secure—take steps now to make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s never enough to use just one tool to test an application’s security. Aside from providing more accurate results, we all know that your developers are going to need confirmation before they’ll address any weaknesses you find. The Code Dx software suite gives you tools to make this work.

It’s much easier to secure code as you’re writing it than it is to go back and fix it later. The Code Dx software suite fits right in to your development process to scan your code automatically and point out issues each time you check in fresh code. Fix them as you go, and save the time and hassle of answering security tickets later.

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