Technology Partners and Affiliates

Code Dx is proud to be associated with the following organizations

DHS S&T Software Assurance Marketplace (SWAMP) —Code Dx is a partner of the SWAMP, a no-cost service provided by DHS where developers can simultaneously run multiple software analysis tools and view the consolidated set of results using Code Dx.

OWASP — Code Dx is a member and leader of the Long Island chapter of this not-for-profit organization focused on improving software security.

Code Dx has developed and continues to support the ongoing OWASP Code Pulse project to support the tuning of dynamic application security testing tools. For more information about Code Pulse, see or go to

Checkmarx — Code Dx is a technology partner of this global leader in software application security. When used together, the technology makes it easier for users to scan mobile and web application code and eliminate software risk.

Contrast Security — Through its partnership with Contrast Security, Code Dx supports IAST, which combines static and dynamic AST methods to enhance testing results by detecting vulnerabilities from within a running application.
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PortSwigger — Code Dx added integration with one of the most popular (and most often requested) AppSec tools: Burp Suite, by Portswigger. Burp Suite provides outstanding automated penetration testing capabilities.

Black Duck — Code Dx has added Black Duck Hub to its family of supported tools. Now you can combine industry leading software composition analysis with best-in-class application security testing, all in one place.

NowSecure — Code Dx has added NowSecure to its family of supported tools. Now you can secure your code from mobile to desktop, all in one place.