AppSec Risk: The Dangers and How to Manage Them

Many organizations focus most of their cybersecurity budget on a few important things—network security, proper employee training, virus detection, firewalls, and policies, to name a few. All of these are crucial and necessary, but they’re only part of the grander...

HAST—Hybrid Application Security Testing

Hybrid Analysis combines the best aspects of the two most common types of application security testing— SAST and DAST—to provide a deeper, more effective look under your application’s hood. SAST tools scour your source code for potential vulnerabilities—from the inside-out—while DAST tools search for exploits accessible by an attacker—from the outside-in.

HIPAA compliance and application security

HIPAA compliance is critical for operating in the healthcare industry. This white paper reviews the importance of cybersecurity to HIPAA compliance, the relationship between network security and application security in that regard, and how the features and benefits of Code Dx products can help address those HIPAA application security concerns.

Finding software vulnerabilities before hackers do

Security breaches are on the rise. Your applications now run on internal systems, in the cloud, on mobile devices, and in some cases on IoT devices — all exposing confidential data to the world. You and your business must take precautions to ensure that your data and enterprise are protected from attacks that take advantage of common vulnerabilities in your own software. This white paper explores the ways Application Security Testing (AST) tools and techniques help software developers and security analysts identify and repair those security holes, before hackers can exploit them.