Code Dx: 13 security startups to follow on Twitter

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Media Coverage

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While the IPO market for information security companies has been fallow in recent months, startups continue to attract cash. Sure, there’s plenty of hype—there always is—but there are some interesting ideas out there, too, ideas that can help slow the daily tattoo of bad news about data breaches and ransomware jackpots for hackers. Here is a baker’s dozen of cybersecurity startups worth paying attention to by following them on Twitter.

Better application security means better total security for an organization. Getting better application security, though, requires the use of multiple tools to perform both static and dynamic testing of those apps. Code Dx, recently ranked number 23 on the Cybersecurity 500, simplifies the process by bundling an assortment of static and dynamic testing tools to perform a comprehensive security analysis of an app’s code. Code Dx can automatically determine which tools to run against a code base, run the tools, and find weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Then it can consolidate and remove all redundant results, normalize the consolidated results so they use the same terminology and severity scale and present the whole package in a centralized console with an interface for managing the vulnerabilities.

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