Code Dx Named 2016 AppSec Solution By Cyber Defense Magazine!

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Blog

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Guess what! Code Dx was awarded as THE Cutting Edge Application Security Solution for 2016 from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) at RSA, the world’s largest IT security trade show held the week of February 29 in San Francisco.

Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM) is the newest, hottest, most informative InfoSec magazine on the market (according to them of course). What makes this publication different is that it is written by actual information security professionals and not by editors that couldn’t program themselves out of a doghouse. Instead, the CDM folks are focused on sharing their own highly educated and experienced opinions regarding what they think are really cutting edge ideas, products and services in the IT industry. In fact, they don’t want to see a balance sheet or a marketing presentation or ask about our funding or what famous IT stars are in the company. Those things are not important for this publication. This highlights that this award is more about how the technology works to solve critical security problems than anything else. So many other awards in our industry are based on how well the company is run, which VCs are involved and how much you are willing to pay for the award rather than focusing on the technology itself.

We like that, especially since the award they gave us was “The Cutting Edge Application Security Solution for 2016”! Yes, they named winners in numerous categories for their innovations in the field of information security but it is truly an honor that Code Dx was picked as THE Application Security Solution of the year. We are dedicated to making application security easier and more affordable and it’s great to be acknowledged for that. And we’re still running the company well which you can tell from the recent articles written about us in Forbes and on NASDAQ!

It’s also great to see Application Security getting attention from the InfoSec community. We are in a business environment dominated by critical customer-facing web applications that can be broken into at a level that creates more damage to a company than ever before. The “Forrester Wave: Application Security Report,” which evaluates vendors for security and risk professionals, says many firms have rushed to bring applications online, building out consumer-facing websites, buying commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, and developing mobile applications to enable and engage with their customers and partners–without thinking about the security of the application itself.

This rush to get applications online without checking for security has gotten the attention of intruders who are increasingly targeting the application stack for exploitation. According to the “Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report,” the rise of cloud apps and the ubiquity of do-it-yourself (DIY) open-source content management systems (CMS) have created a landscape of vulnerable websites which attackers are exploiting to penetrate the enterprise.

However, CDM sees the unique and compelling value proposition for Code Dx. The judges are all CISSP, CEH, and other certified security professionals who voted based on their independent review of what Code Dx does. They affirmed that Code Dx is an award-winning software vulnerability management suite that helps software developers, testers and security analysts find, prioritize and manage software vulnerabilities. This fills a critical need for organizations to more efficiently manage the software vulnerability discovery and remediation process. With Code Dx, you can finally retire the tedious process of tracking vulnerabilities on a spreadsheet.

Thanks to CDM for acknowledging Code Dx as “The Cutting Edge Application Security Solution for 2016.” I know, I said this three times already in this blog but I couldn’t help myself. That’s an excellent award CDM and we really appreciate you noticing all of the innovations we’ve put into the product and its effect on the increasingly critical market of Application Security!




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