Code Dx: The 10 Most Reliable Security Solution Providers

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Media Coverage

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Code Dx: Automating Application Security Processes

Application Security Testing (AST) has become a required part of software development. Most cyber attacks exploit vulnerabilities in the source code. Organizations looking to mitigate that risk must conduct exhaustive tests, but it is difficult to determine the best way to do that. With so many different testing tools and techniques, and so many different industry experts with different preferences, the only consensus answer to this problem is to use a combination of tools across different techniques. That creates a new problem: Turning their results into actionable information.

This part of the process is enormously time-consuming. The results are typically manually reviewed, and can take weeks to sort, prioritize, and fix. This creates a bottleneck, wasting time, money, and resources. Worse, the potential for human error to miscategorize a critical vulnerability can result in a dreaded zero-day vulnerability at launch.

Code Dx, Inc. is a company that understands these challenges, and developed the Code Dx Enterprise Application Vulnerability Manager to automate these time-consuming, resource-draining processes, so that AppSec testing can be conducted faster, with more critical vulnerabilities found and fixed. The result is software that is more secure, delivered sooner, and at a lower overall cost.

While the industry is working hard to deliver powerful AST tools, numerous enterprises trust Code Dx Enterprise because it focuses on making those tools work together to produce better, actionable results more quickly, and with less effort. With seamless integration into software development environments, it brings developers and security analysts together into an effective team. Customers see Code Dx Enterprise as a valuable multiplier for their existing investments in AST.

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