Dr. Anita D’Amico was interviewed with Active Cyber about how Code Dx works

by | May 29, 2019 | Blog

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Learn How Code Dx Simplifies Application Vulnerability Management, Security Testing, and Compliance In This Interview with Active Cyber

Read the interview article originally posted at ActiveCyber.net

This interview with Dr. D’Amico is aimed at learning more about how Code Dx works. Below is a highlight question from the interview:


Active Cyber™: What are some of the tools and frameworks that Code Dx comes bundled with and/or integrates with to help automate and speed the flow of the CI/CD testing process? What type of API is used for integration?

Dr. D’Amico: We understand that developers and security experts already have tools that they know and like and in which they have made significant financial and time investments. Therefore, we have chosen to work with those tools that our customers trust. Our list of bundled and supported tools includes more than 70 SAST, DAST and other types of tools; and we continue to grow this list.

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