Gartner names Code Dx in its AppSec Hype Cycle Report

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Blog, News

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Code Dx has been named in Gartner’s 2019 Application Security Hype Cycle Report in a key emerging market area: Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC). Every year, Gartner produces a report that details the current state of the Application Security Marketplace, including emerging and fading market area trends. Each category lists good examples of tools that meet its criteria; this is the fourth year that Code Dx has been included in this report.

ASOC is a newly formed category, created this year by Gartner. It is the result of merging the Application Vulnerability Correlation and Application Security Testing Orchestration market segments into one; Code Dx had previously been named in both of these segments. Gartner predicts significant increases in user adoption of ASOC solutions based on its current market position, including Code Dx.

Gartner listed Code Dx as an example of an ASOC platform. Solutions in this category must meet specific criteria that separate them from other AppSec tools. They must integrate with a wide range of commercial AppSec testing tools and correlate their findings, and must provide orchestration capabilities. The leading ASOC solutions can be readily integrated into continuous integration pipelines, such as those found in DevOps and DevSecOps environments.

Code Dx provides robust support for DevOps processes—it integrates with the most popular CI Engines, bundles and orchestrates fast, lightweight tools for rapid scanning (such as nightly build scans), prioritizes vulnerabilities based on exploitability and compliance standards, automates the most time-consuming AppSec work, provides a deep REST API for further automation (everything Code Dx can do can be done programmatically through the API), functions as a central hub for communication with our dashboard and issue tracker integrations (including Jira), and acts as a single pane of glass for managing all AppSec activity.

Code Dx is a single, central hub for application security testing and assurance. Because it integrates with so many tools you’re already using, you don’t have to pull up countless different tool reports to find out the security status of your application. Everything you need is readily available, right at your fingertips. That means you can rapidly identify where the most significant risk is in your organization, and do something about it—before it becomes a problem. You can find out more about how Code Dx streamlines your DevSecOps process here.

The 2019 Gartner Application Security Hype Cycle Report is available for purchase or to subscribers. You can find the report and sign up with Gartner here.

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