HAST—Hybrid Application Security Testing

by | Apr 13, 2018 | White papers

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HAST - Hybrid Analysis White Paper imageWhat’s the big deal about HYBRID?

In the latest release—Code Dx Enterprise V 3.0—we’ve added Hybrid Analysis. Hybrid Analysis combines the best aspects of the two most common types of application security testing— SAST and DAST—to provide a deeper, more effective look under your application’s hood. SAST tools scour your source code for potential vulnerabilities—from the inside-out—while DAST tools search for exploits accessible by an attacker—from the outside-in. The problem with these approaches is that they usually don’t provide information that is immediately actionable, or that is otherwise difficult to prioritize. Hybrid Analysis combines the inside-out and outside-in approaches to shine a spotlight onto vulnerabilities that both exist and are exploitable, immediately confirming a potential weakness as a true, genuine threat. This will give you the right information to decide how to best secure your application.


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