Orchestration: The key to AppSec Automation

by | Jun 25, 2020 | White papers

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Traditional wisdom holds that goods and services can almost always only fulfill two of the following three attributes: “Cheap,” “Fast,” and “Good.” If you want something quickly that is also high-quality, then it won’t be cheap; if you want something high-quality without spending too much, then it won’t be made quickly; if you don’t want to spend too much but want it quickly, then it won’t be high-quality. 

Unfortunately, the above has held true for software security since the Digital Age began. It’s a hard choice to make—which is part of what has kept a lot of organizations behind the curve when it comes to securing their software. Their view of software security is typically that it’s either too expensive or too time-consuming—and if it’s not one of those, then it wouldn’t be good enough to make a difference anyway. 

While that used to be true, recent technological advancements have made it possible for organizations to have all three. This whitepaper dives into the solution to the Cheap/Fast/ Good concept as it relates to software security, and explains the ways automation and orchestration can dramatically increase your application security testing speed, improve your security posture, and reduce your cost—all at scale. 

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