Code Dx 5.2.7

Code Dx 5.2.7 11/12/2020 Additions Added support for ASVS standard Enterprise Added project metadata display on projects listing and findings page Enterprise Made general improvements to URL validation for tool connectors Enterprise Added a delay/throttling to issue...

Code Dx 5.2.6

Code Dx 5.2.6 10/19/2020 Fixes Fixed an issue that may cause errors in components dealing with URLs lacking a trailing slash Tools Enterprise Made further fixes for restricting the length of remarks in ASoC data flows

Code Dx 5.2.5

Code Dx 5.2.5 10/16/2020 Fixes Enterprise Fixed an issue causing HTTP redirects to not be followed for some issue tracker and tool connector configurations Tools Enterprise Updated AppScan Enterprise integration to treat advisory data as...

Code Dx 5.2.4

Code Dx 5.2.4 10/14/2020 Changes Made improvements to the data flow interface, added source code display Enterprise Changed default “include child projects” setting on dashboard to true Fixes Fixed a bug that potentially causes phantom findings to appear...

Code Dx 5.2.3

Code Dx 5.2.3 10/6/2020 Additions Enterprise Added {{ifeq}} issue tracker template helper for general equality checks Fixes Fixed a bug related to trailing spaces for values in props file Fixed a bug causing analysis and re-correlation failures with component analysis...

Code Dx 5.2.2

Code Dx 5.2.2 9/30/2020 Changes Enterprise Added option to hide scripted Jira fields Fixes Fixed a bug causing breadcrumbs to not clear when their corresponding filter is collapsed Enterprise Added missing close button on LDAP configuration dialog Enterprise Fixed a...

Code Dx 5.2.1

Code Dx 5.2.1 9/24/2020 Fixes Fixed potential migration failure on upgrade

Code Dx 5.2.0

Code Dx 5.2.0 9/18/2020 Additions Added bulk comment, triage, and severity override functionality Enterprise Added ability to run tool connectors during analyses Changes Overhauled finding table UI Added a slight update delay on the findings table to allow making...

Code Dx 5.1.4

Code Dx 5.1.4 9/16/2020 Fixes Fixed a bug causing Qualys results to fail to ingest when offline Tools Enterprise Added API token authentication option to Fortify SSC tool connector

Code Dx 5.1.3

Code Dx 5.1.3 9/8/2020 Fixes Fixed a bug causing the analysis upload page to sometimes stop updating