Code Dx Evaluation

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Dear Evaluator: Recently you had the opportunity to evaluate Code Dx. We would appreciate your feedback in the following areas:

1. What programming language(s) do you currently develop in?

2. Do you provide software assurance for your organization, or as a service to other organizations?

3. What software assurance tools does your organization currently use?

4. Please rate your experience with: N/A Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
a. Ease of installation and activation
b. Code Dx functionality
c. Code Dx ease of use
d. Code Dx product Help and Documentation
e. Code Dx Technical Support
f. Code Dx performance

5. What do you like about Code Dx?

6. What do you dislike about Code Dx?

7. What are your recommendations for improving Code Dx?

8. How did you hear about Code Dx?

9. Why did you decide to buy or not buy Code Dx?