Code Pulse

Penetration testing has proven to be a valuable preventative application security technique. A variety of automated tools and manual approaches are used to assess and expose vulnerabilities in target applications. By definition, black box testing offers little insight into the internals of target applications.

Real-time coverage highlighting

... and by real-time, we mean real-time

See detailed coverage breakdowns

Identify coverage gaps and overlaps

Why Code Pulse?

A continuous challenge facing penetration testers is ensuring adequate coverage of a target application. A purely black box perspective makes it almost impossible to accurately identify how much of the attack surface was tested for penetration during assessment.

Code Pulse is a glass box tool that provides insight into the real-time code coverage of penetration testing activities. Code Pulse automatically detects coverage information while the tests are being conducted and will even make it possible to understand the overlaps and boundaries of the different tools coverage.

Code Pulse presents coverage information in a visual form to make it easy to understand at-a-glance which parts of an application have been covered and how much. The real-time coverage feedback makes it easy to adjust testing activity based on the observed coverage. In addition, for testing activities relying on multiple techniques (a variety of dynamic analysis tools for instance) it’s easy to split up the recorded activity to understand which code was covered by each tool independently or alternatively to view coverage overlaps between multiple tools.



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