Code Dx Application Downloads


Version: Code Dx 5.4.15 (64-bit)
Size: 826 MB
Checksum (MD5): 083dca3a0c7d7f6cc29ab6fda4b204cf


Version: Code Dx 5.4.15 (64-bit)
Size: 814 MB
Checksum (MD5): e385168743d94e9d1e89dbd07f337d00


A docker based installation of Code Dx contains two parts: the database image, based off of MariaDB, and the Tomcat image that hosts the Code Dx web application. The Tomcat docker container will be networked with the MariaDB container to allow Code Dx to store data.


Code Dx supports a minimum Kubernetes version of 1.14 if you’re not using AWS EKS; otherwise, the minimum Kubernetes version is 1.16.

You must run guided-setup.ps1 from a system with administrative access to your cluster.