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Get the most out of your budget

You’ve already started investing in application security, which is good, but you’ve probably begun to realize just how complicated, expensive, and chaotic having an in-house program can be.

Many approaches are unpredictable from one project to the next—securing one application may take two weeks, but the next might take four months, even if they’re both similarly sized and have the same development and security teams.

Because application security is invisible, it’s one of those things that your company will never be thanked for—instead, you’ll only be blamed when it’s insufficient. That makes it a popular target for budget rollbacks, especially when the security teams aren’t producing anything new or sellable.

This process doesn’t have to be as unpredictable or expensive. Code Dx provides a framework that will help focus your security team’s efforts, and get them to quickly produce results. You don’t have to sacrifice security for the sake of your budget.

Make your tools work better

Even when you do the right thing—in this case, investing in application security testing tools—it’s often not enough. Purchasing expensive licenses to speed up some of the process seems like it should solve lots of problems—and it does—but it also creates new ones.

Each tool you use actually adds more steps. Your team needs to run each test (which takes time), then needs to review the results (which takes time), then needs to verify and prioritize those results (which takes time). Although using more than one tool is highly recommended, it makes things much more complicated, and you often have to compensate by hiring more employees.

Code Dx can handle those extra steps for you. Code Dx will run those tools through their testing paces, correlate the results between them to remove duplicate entries, then recommend prioritization for fixing everything that’s been found.

In other words, all of those complicated, expensive tools will talk to each other and work together, dramatically reducing development time and your overhead.

Fix what’s most important

Using automated tools is part of what makes application security even possible, but they often find an awful lot of things your development team needs to fix. Some of these vulnerabilities are critical, and will expose your business to heavy risk, but some of them aren’t actually exploitable without access to the back-end.

Sifting through all of these vulnerabilities is extremely time-consuming, which means your already strained budget is bound to be strained even further. Your security team has to spend valuable, expensive time simply sorting through lists of things to fix.

Code Dx can handle that instead.

When you use all of your tools, Code Dx correlates the results with one another to give your security team a short, concise list of issues that need attention. It goes a step further by mapping those results to the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), which is an industry-standard guide for determining the severity of a particular type of weakness.

In other words, Code Dx shows your security teams what should be fixed first, and lets them focus on the most important issues. It even integrates with collaboration tools that both your security and development teams already use, so they can assign specific problems and track their progress.

Still on the fence? Let us show you how we can make your security process better.