For Security Professionals

Make your job easier

You know that the right way to secure your application is to test it with more than one tool. The fact is that each tool is better at finding specific weaknesses than it is at finding others (not including differences in programming languages, of course). That means that you have to sweep your application for vulnerabilities from as many angles as possible, or your job is never really done correctly.

The problem with that is the amount of time that takes. It’s not that the tools take a long time to run (though some of them do), it’s that each ones returns a list of vulnerabilities that can be thousands of entries long.

Most security teams are tragically underfunded and understaffed as it is, and you need all of the man hours you can get your hands on to make sure that your company isn’t exposed to risk. Spending weeks making sure that each vulnerability isn’t a duplicate of the same vulnerability found by a different tool is hardly an effective use of your time, especially if you’re only given a month or two at the end of development for testing.

The Code Dx vulnerability correlation and management software suite does that for you. It runs tools right from its central console, then takes all of the results and correlates them. You’re handed a much, much shorter list of vulnerabilities that you can quickly verify and hand over to the developers.

Give your development team what they actually need

Speaking of verification, the worst part of any security team’s job falls on the poor soul who must bring to the development team the List of Vulnerabilities Found in the Latest Build.

Nobody wants to fix things that, from their perspective, aren’t actually broken. If the application runs well and looks good, from a developer’s point of view, their job may already be done. When the security team then brings them a list of a thousand or more vulnerabilities, it’s perfectly understandable to be met with a healthy degree of skepticism.

The most common response from a developer is “Are these even real?”

With common security practices (such as manual reviews), the answer to this is usually “Probably not.”

That’s because testing with one technique isn’t enough anymore. Many development companies use either static application security testing (SAST) or dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools, but rarely do they use both. SAST tools scan your source code (which returns a list of vulnerabilities that are potentially harmful if they’re accessible), while DAST tools test from the outside in (to see if there are any exploitable ways into the back-end). Both of these are useful, but neither give you the whole picture.

SAST returns a long list of vulnerabilities that may be present, but aren’t necessarily exploitable. DAST returns a shorter list of exploits that may not necessarily be harmful.

Code Dx Enterprise combines tools from both techniques to produce a short list of vulnerabilities that are both present and exploitable.

This means that you can bring your developers a much, much shorter list of weaknesses to address, and that each item is immediately actionable. They’re all real, harmful vulnerabilities that the development team can start fixing right away, which makes your job much easier.

Use the time to do things right

Because you won’t have to spend days, weeks, or months reviewing thousands of individual results, you will actually have the time to make your application truly secure. Rather than testing once or twice and hoping for the best, you can test the application multiple times, and direct the development team to address security issues that you wouldn’t have had the time to fix otherwise.

You can even assign those vulnerabilities right from Code Dx, which integrates with JIRA, so you don’t have to worry about sending over a PDF of things to fix and hope that they eventually get to it.

In other words, Code Dx helps you save time and frustration during testing and tracking that you can spend fixing the problems you’ve found, adding more features, or simply getting your product onto the market sooner.

Get rolling with Code Dx!