We’re glad you’re interested in evaluating our products. Let’s see which one is best for you.

Code Dx Enterprise is the right choice for our customers who are committed to a comprehensive application security program.

If you are already using or are planning to use:  

  • Any commercial static application security testing (SAST) tools
  • Any open source or commercial dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools
  • Any commercial third-party library vulnerability analysis systems
  • Any integrated application security testing (IAST) tools

or, if you want to:

  • Correlate, de-duplicate, and manage findings from multiple SAST tools or DAST tools
  • Combine those findings with manual code analysis results
  • Find government compliance issues (such as DSS PCI, HIPAA, or the DISA STIG)
  • Track changes in the number and status of vulnerabilities across time and versions of a code base
  • Add to your process up to 15 open source SAST tools and third-party vulnerability checkers that are automatically installed and run against your source code, with results mapped to industry standards

… Then you should request an evaluation of Code Dx Enterprise.

Stat! is a good place to start if you are restricted to static source code analysis, with no access to commercial SAST tools.

Would you like to:

  • Automatically run up to 15 included open source static application security testing (SAST) tools selected for the specific languages in your code base?
  • Correlate, de-duplicate, and manage findings from those SAST tools?
  • Run open source third-party vulnerability checkers against your code?
  • See how the vulnerabilities in your code stack up against industry standards?

If so, then request your 14-day trial of Stat!

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