Previous versions of Code Dx

Previous versions

Code Dx 5.4.7

Code Dx 5.4.7 7/13/2021 Tools Enterprise Fixed a regression causing missing line numbers for some ASoC results Enterprise Added filtering options for the Black Duck tool connector Enterprise Reduced the number of results reported for Black Duck matched files...

Code Dx 5.4.6

Code Dx 5.4.6 7/7/2021 Fixes Fixed some issues causing incomplete analyses to cause phantom results and findings in some scenarios

Code Dx 5.4.5

Code Dx 5.4.5 6/25/2021 Changes Improved performance of new analyses and archiving of inputs Tools Enterprise Fixed an issue causing ingestion failure for Black Duck in certain scenarios Enterprise Fixed an issue causing Black Duck tool connectors to not work until...

Code Dx 5.4.4

Code Dx 5.4.4 6/24/2021 Additions Enterprise Added ASoC issue ID to metadata search list Changes Improved security headers Improved UI for bulk comment creation Enterprise Made some UI improvements centered around the GitLab integration Fixes Made some fixes causing...

Code Dx 5.4.3

Code Dx 5.4.3 6/7/2021 Fixes Enterprise Fixed a bug that caused the NowSecure Connector to sometimes fail

Code Dx 5.4.2

Code Dx 5.4.2 6/2/2021 Changes Enterprise Added access token authentication option for Jira integration Tools Enterprise Added ability to search by AppDetective Pro CheckResultStatus field

Code Dx 5.4.1

Code Dx 5.4.1 5/20/2021 Changes Made improvements to reduce memory usage of Code Dx over time Enterprise Made improvements to encoding detection for tool output files Enterprise Made improvements to HTML handling with issue tracker field templates Fixes Fixed a bug...

Code Dx 5.4.0

Code Dx 5.4.0 5/5/2021 Additions Added ability for users to create personal access tokens for API usage Added Secure Code Warrior integration on the finding details page Enterprise Added support for dataflow in custom XML input and XML reports Enterprise Added issue...

Code Dx 5.3.5

Code Dx 5.3.5 4/27/2021 Tools Enterprise Fixed a bug causing NowSecure tool connector to fail when regulatory URLs are missing Enterprise Fixed a bug causing JFrog tool connector configuration to fail with certain JFrog installations

Code Dx 5.3.4

Code Dx 5.3.4 4/15/2021 Fixes Fixed a regression causing the bulk creation of comments to fail

Code Dx 5.3.3

Code Dx 5.3.3 4/13/2021 Changes Enterprise Made changes to allow Jira issue status transitions that contain required fields that are already populated or have a mapping Fixes Enterprise Fixed minor container image name display bug Tools Enterprise Added missing...

Code Dx 5.3.2

Code Dx 5.3.2 4/8/2021 Tools Enterprise Updated ASoC tool reader to classify inputs based on scan type Enterprise+InfraSec Updated QualysVM tool reader to reflect new CVSS score formatting

Code Dx 5.3.1

Code Dx 5.3.1 4/2/2021 Additions Enterprise Added support for cloud infrastructure security scanning Enterprise Added support for cascading Jira select fields Enterprise+ML Added ability to exclude projects from machine learning training Changes Updated analysis info...

Code Dx 5.3.0

Code Dx 5.3.0 3/16/2021 Additions Added support for container security scanning Added cross-project findings page and reporting Added ability to edit and delete comments on finding details page Changes Improved performance of the findings page Enterprise+ML Improved...

Code Dx 5.2.16

Code Dx 5.2.16 3/2/2021 Tools Enterprise Fix bug causing SonarQube tool connector to fail with newer versions of SonarQube

Code Dx 5.2.15

Code Dx 5.2.15 2/24/2021 Tools Enterprise Improved link-back generation for Fortify Enterprise Fixed a bug related to concurrent requests causing a race condition with Fortify Enterprise Fixed a bug causing Fortify SSC tool connector to not select latest version when...

Code Dx 5.2.14

Code Dx 5.2.14 2/16/2021 Fixes Enterprise Fixed an issue causing Jira creation to fail for single-line fields expressions containing newlines Enterprise Fixed an issue causing Jira field mappings for multi-select fields to not map correctly Enterprise Fixed an issue...

Code Dx 5.2.13

Code Dx 5.2.13 1/28/2021 Fixes Fixed a bug that may cause project finding recorrelation to fail Fixed a bug causing analysis inputs to not show in 'Show Inputs' if they are missing on disk Tools Enterprise Added tool connector support for Dependency-Track

Code Dx 5.2.12

Code Dx 5.2.12 1/18/2021 Release Notes The Dependency-Check update contained in this release requires installation of .NET Core 3.1 if used to scan .NET components. Tools Enterprise Added tool connector support for JFrog Enterprise Added custom field support for Black...

Code Dx 5.2.11

Code Dx 5.2.11 1/13/2021 Additions Enterprise Added aggregation helpers for use with issue tracker expressions Changes Enterprise Made a tweak to allow for decimals in issue tracker number fields Fixes Fixed a bug causing occasional duplicate key errors in the Code Dx...

Code Dx 5.2.10

Code Dx 5.2.10 12/15/2020 Additions Added wildcard functionality to CVE search Tools Enterprise Fixed issue causing concurrent AppScan Enterprise tool connector runs to fail Updated bundled PHP runtime to address issues with PHP tools failing to run on certain Linux...

Code Dx 5.2.9

Code Dx 5.2.9 12/1/2020 Fixes Enterprise Fixed a bug causing all findings on a project to be incorrectly associated with an issue tracker issue when attempting to associate one finding on its details page

Code Dx 5.2.8

Code Dx 5.2.8 11/20/2020 Tools Enterprise Updated Contrast tool connector to improve location ingestion logic, add data flow ingestion, improve status ingestion, and filter out unlicensed projects from configuration dialog Enterprise Fixed bug causing Qualys WAS...

Code Dx 5.2.7

Code Dx 5.2.7 11/12/2020 Additions Added support for ASVS standard Enterprise Added project metadata display on projects listing and findings page Enterprise Made general improvements to URL validation for tool connectors Enterprise Added a delay/throttling to issue...

Code Dx 5.2.6

Code Dx 5.2.6 10/19/2020 Fixes Fixed an issue that may cause errors in components dealing with URLs lacking a trailing slash Tools Enterprise Made further fixes for restricting the length of remarks in ASoC data flows

Code Dx 5.2.5

Code Dx 5.2.5 10/16/2020 Fixes Enterprise Fixed an issue causing HTTP redirects to not be followed for some issue tracker and tool connector configurations Tools Enterprise Updated AppScan Enterprise integration to treat advisory data as optional

Code Dx 5.2.4

Code Dx 5.2.4 10/14/2020 Changes Made improvements to the data flow interface, added source code display Enterprise Changed default "include child projects" setting on dashboard to true Fixes Fixed a bug that potentially causes phantom findings to appear when...

Code Dx 5.2.3

Code Dx 5.2.3 10/6/2020 Additions Enterprise Added {{ifeq}} issue tracker template helper for general equality checks Fixes Fixed a bug related to trailing spaces for values in props file Fixed a bug causing analysis and re-correlation failures with component analysis...

Code Dx 5.2.2

Code Dx 5.2.2 9/30/2020 Changes Enterprise Added option to hide scripted Jira fields Fixes Fixed a bug causing breadcrumbs to not clear when their corresponding filter is collapsed Enterprise Added missing close button on LDAP configuration dialog Enterprise Fixed a...

Code Dx 5.2.1

Code Dx 5.2.1 9/24/2020 Fixes Fixed potential migration failure on upgrade

Code Dx 5.2.0

Code Dx 5.2.0 9/18/2020 Additions Added bulk comment, triage, and severity override functionality Enterprise Added ability to run tool connectors during analyses Changes Overhauled finding table UI Added a slight update delay on the findings table to allow making...

Code Dx 5.1.4

Code Dx 5.1.4 9/16/2020 Fixes Fixed a bug causing Qualys results to fail to ingest when offline Tools Enterprise Added API token authentication option to Fortify SSC tool connector

Code Dx 5.1.3

Code Dx 5.1.3 9/8/2020 Fixes Fixed a bug causing the analysis upload page to sometimes stop updating

Code Dx 5.1.2

Code Dx 5.1.2 8/24/2020 Fixes Enterprise Fixed a display issue causing the Trace Execution view to not use all available horizontal space Enterprise+Orchestration Fixed a potential stack overflow and crash when waiting for tool service during analysis Tools Corrected...

Code Dx 5.1.1

Code Dx 5.1.1 8/7/2020 Fixes Reduced log noise related to Tool Orchestration, even if not enabled Fixed a bug causing code metrics update during analysis to fail under certain circumstances Enterprise Fixed a potential bug that would cause LDAP users to be...

Code Dx 5.1.0

Code Dx 5.1.0 7/16/2020 Additions Added tracking for last user login on admin page Added navigation tabs to findings pages to toggle between project-centric pages Enterprise Added support for selecting date range on dashboard Enterprise Added support for ServiceNow...

Code Dx 5.0.8

Code Dx 5.0.8 6/29/2020 Fixes Enterprise+Orchestration Fixed bug causing different finding counts when running Cppcheck on cluster Changes Enterprise Updated custom XML input to support finding element Tools Enterprise sqlmap fork created to export results in Code Dx...

Code Dx 5.0.7

Code Dx 5.0.7 6/17/2020 Tools Enterprise Updated Protecode reader to properly parse latest component version

Code Dx 5.0.6

Code Dx 5.0.6 6/15/2020 Fixes Fixed a bug causing potential analysis errors after upgrading

Code Dx 5.0.5

Code Dx 5.0.5 6/9/2020 Fixes Enterprise Fixed a bug causing incorrect finding density on the dashboard

Code Dx 5.0.4

Code Dx 5.0.4 6/1/2020 Tools Updated Dependency-Check integration to handle dependencies nested in archives Plugins Updated Jenkins plugin with pipeline build support

Code Dx 5.0.3

Code Dx 5.0.3 5/7/2020 Additions Added logic to show a message on the analysis page when user uploads a source or binary file directly Fixes Enterprise Fixed a dashboard error causing non-triage events to erroneously affect the Created/Resolved counts Enterprise Fixed...

Code Dx 5.0.2

Code Dx 5.0.2 4/23/2020 Additions Enterprise+InfraSec Added support for filtering assets by ID in tool connector Fixes Fixed an issue causing the analysis page to report analysis failure when network connection is lost Fixed a bug causing upgrade failures...

Code Dx 5.0.1

Code Dx 5.0.1 4/13/2020 Additions Added ability to specify additional metadata fields for inclusion in finding search Fixes Fixed an issue causing temporary uploaded files not to be closed after use Fixed an issue causing the projects page to temporarily display a no...

Code Dx 5.0.0

Code Dx 5.0.0 4/2/2020 Release Notes As of Code Dx version 5.0, MariaDB version 10.3 or later is required. If you have manually installed your database server, please ensure it is updated to at least version 10.3. Additions Added analysis failure logs to visual log...

Code Dx 4.4.6

Code Dx 4.4.6 3/10/2020 Additions Enterprise Added CVE support to issue tracker templates Fixes Enterprise Fixed an occasional issue causing dashboard updating to not happen Tools Enterprise Renamed "Netsparker Cloud" to "Netsparker Enterprise" and added support for...

Code Dx 4.4.5

Code Dx 4.4.5 2/28/2020 Tools Enterprise Updated ASoC SAST tool reader

Code Dx 4.4.4

Code Dx 4.4.4 2/24/2020 Fixes Fixed a bug making it possible for the findings table to incorrectly indicate source code being available for archived inputs Fixed a bug allowing access to the finding details page under certain circumstances for a finding that has been...

Code Dx 4.4.3

Code Dx 4.4.3 1/31/2020 Tools Enterprise Fixed an issue with Black Duck where timestamps were incorrectly assumed to be local time

Code Dx 4.4.2

Code Dx 4.4.2 1/31/2020 Fixes Enterprise Improved error message when Azure issue tracker fails to update due to missing fields Enterprise+InfraSec Fixed a potential parsing issue for protocol names containing a '/' character

Code Dx 4.4.1

Code Dx 4.4.1 1/24/2020 Additions Modal dialogs will now close when pressing the escape button Enterprise Added visual log entries when users are created, deleted, enabled, and disabled Fixes Made a fix causing background tasks to prematurely run during installation...

Code Dx 4.4.0

Code Dx 4.4.0 1/6/2020 Additions Added user grouping functionality with group-based permissions Added user auto-create and user grouping settings based on LDAP groups Enterprise Added Dashboard option for simple average of children project scores Enterprise Added...

Code Dx 4.3.5

Code Dx 4.3.5 12/12/2019 Tools Enterprise Updated Acunetix tool reader Enterprise Updated Fortify tool reader

Code Dx 4.3.4

Code Dx 4.3.4 11/19/2019 Tools Enterprise Made a fix to treat category URLs from CodeSonar as optional

Code Dx 4.3.3

Code Dx 4.3.3 11/13/2019 Fixes Enterprise Fixed a bug causing trace execution page display problems SWAMP Fixed a permission causing SWAMP users to not be allowed to re-correlate SWAMP Removed unsupported configuration options from analysis config dialog Tools...

Code Dx 4.3.2

Code Dx 4.3.2 10/30/2019 Changes Made changes to support more SSL cipher suites for tool connectors Fixed a bug causing path normalization to fail with certain path inputs Enterprise Fixed a failure case when reading tool results with an unspecified CVSS vector

Code Dx 4.3.1

Code Dx 4.3.1 10/22/2019 Changes Made a slight performance tweak for project creation when many projects exist Tools Enterprise Fixed an issue causing errors for Fortify SSC results not specifying milliseconds in their timestamps

Code Dx 4.3.0

Code Dx 4.3.0 10/8/2019 Additions Enterprise Added Azure DevOps issue tracker Added analysis support for Java 11 binaries Changes Updated OpenAPI specification to version OAS3 Updated 'rule' to 'type' in API report generation documentation Tools Enterprise Added tool...

Code Dx 4.2.5

Code Dx 4.2.5 10/7/2019 Tools Enterprise Relaxed Protecode JSON file identification

Code Dx 4.2.4

Code Dx 4.2.4 9/24/2019 Fixes Enterprise Custom XML CWE now propagates to finding instead of only result Tools Enterprise Switched to using POST request for Qualys knowledge base

Code Dx 4.2.3

Code Dx 4.2.3 9/22/2019 Fixes Enterprise DISA STIG title set to version 4.9 to match content Changes Updates to API documentation to reflect change from rule to type Tools Enterprise Using Checkmarx pathID to track findings across scans

Code Dx 4.2.2

Code Dx 4.2.2 8/29/2019 Additions Added LDAP DN template configuration option Fixes Enterprise Fixed a bug related to native ID correlation when an ID is present in multiple locations Changes Enterprise Made improvements to tool output format detection logic Tools...

Code Dx 4.2.1

Code Dx 4.2.1 8/8/2019 Additions Enterprise Added tool attribute for custom XML input files to improve auto-archive behavior Fixes Improved performance of concurrently running tool readers Fixed a bug causing analyses to fail after deleting a project under certain...

Code Dx 4.2.0

Code Dx 4.2.0 7/31/2019 Additions Added analysis configuration options for marking first and third party content and excluding certain files from analysis Enterprise Added API-based finding metadata support Fixes Fixed a bug causing files from failed analyses to not...

Code Dx 4.1.2

Code Dx 4.1.2 6/20/2019 Fixes Fixed a bug where session age limits were being improperly applied to API key authentication Fixed a bug causing users to be erroneously redirected to the projects page when other projects are deleted Fixed a Git integration bug related...

Code Dx 4.1.1

Code Dx 4.1.1 6/14/2019 Fixes Improved performance of finding status update during analysis

Code Dx 4.1.0

Code Dx 4.1.0 6/11/2019 Additions Added option to allow gone findings to be re-opened Added option to allow resolved findings to be re-opened Added logic to maintain the finding filter collapse and menu states across page loads Added setting to disable collection of...

Code Dx 4.0.0

Code Dx 4.0.0 4/18/2019 Additions Added a visual audit and error log page Enterprise Added support for auto creation of Jira tickets Enterprise Added the ability to disable Git source analysis for a new analysis Enterprise+NetSec Added infrastructure and network...

Code Dx 3.7.0

Code Dx 3.7.0 3/19/2019 Fixes Fixed a problem where LDAP connections weren't re-bound with system credentials after use Fixed a rare failure case for finding location tracking with certain permutations of inputs Changes Tweaked result cleanup process to improve...

Code Dx 3.6.0

Code Dx 3.6.0 1/30/2019 Additions Added support for enforcing user session timeouts Added support for multiple configuration files Enterprise Added support for tracking findings as source code changes Enterprise Added support for two-way synchronization with Jira...

Code Dx 3.5.5

Code Dx 3.5.5 1/4/2019 Changes Enterprise Made some UI tweaks related to Jira integration Fixes Fixed a concurrency issue presenting when two concurrent analyses observe the same tool data at the same time Fixed a bug causing potential database deadlocks during...

Code Dx 3.5.4

Code Dx 3.5.4 12/13/2018 Fixes Enterprise Fixed an issue causing some Jira issue creation failures to not be displayed Changes Overhauled LDAP support to provide better functionality

Code Dx 3.5.3

Code Dx 3.5.3 12/7/2018 Fixes Fixed an issue causing errors on the activity stream for actions made by deleted users Enterprise Fixed some dashboard display issues when using Safari Tools Enterprise Updated Protecode integration to treat CVSS2 data as...

Code Dx 3.5.2

Code Dx 3.5.2 11/28/2018 Fixes Enterprise Fixed an issue causing analyses to fail for git repositories containing symbolic links Enterprise Fixed a bug causing "advanced field values" to not be used when changing issue type while creating a Jira issue Tools...

Code Dx 3.5.1

Code Dx 3.5.1 11/19/2018 Fixes Fixed an issue that may cause analyses to hang rarely Enterprise Fixed an issue with autocomplete in the Jira config dialog Tools Updated bundled CheckStyle to version 8.14 Enterprise Added branch option to SonarQube...

Code Dx 3.5.0

Code Dx 3.5.0 11/12/2018 Additions Enterprise Added a managerial overview dashboard for project-level AppSec metrics Changes Changed the critical severity icon color to purple Enterprise Improved agentless hybrid correlation module Fixes Fixed an issue causing PMD...

Code Dx 3.3.7

Code Dx 3.3.7 11/5/2018 Fixes Fixed some issues related to renaming rules

Code Dx 3.3.6

Code Dx 3.3.6 10/25/2018 Fixes Enterprise Fixed an issue potentially causing incorrect autocomplete data when manually entering results Enterprise Fixed an issue causing Jira Issue Refresh to fail when updating more than 50 associations

Code Dx 3.3.5

Code Dx 3.3.5 10/24/2018 Fixes Fixed an authentication issue when updating Git repositories requiring authentication

Code Dx 3.3.4

Code Dx 3.3.4 10/22/2018 Fixes Enterprise Made some tweaks to how rules/descriptors are assigned to manually entered results Tools Added handling to cut back on ESLint crashes with certain datasets

Code Dx 3.3.3

Code Dx 3.3.3 10/18/2018 Fixes Fixed an issue causing Git repositories to not be updated when running an analysis

Code Dx 3.3.2

Code Dx 3.3.2 10/15/2018 Fixes Fixed an issue causing findings to become gone and lose location information when correlation is disabled Fixed an issue causing duplicate rule names to appear under certain circumstances when manually entering results Tools Updated...

Code Dx 3.3.1

Code Dx 3.3.1 9/17/2018 Fixes Fixed a bug causing projects with "Don't use any Rules" selected to not appear

Code Dx 3.3.0

Code Dx 3.3.0 9/11/2018 Additions Added a setting for excluding specific tool outputs from auto-archive Enterprise Added support for SAML authentication Enterprise Added resolution tracking for Jira issues Changes Enterprise Raised the limit for finding count on Jira...

Code Dx 3.2.2

Code Dx 3.2.2 8/24/2018 Tools Enterprise Updated Protecode reader to report results by component name rather than path

Code Dx 3.2.1

Code Dx 3.2.1 8/21/2018 Fixes Enterprise Fixed a problem causing issue fields to reset when issue type is changed SWAMP Fixed an issue causing Pylint tool codes to not be translated properly Tools Enterprise Fixed missing auto update field for Fortify SSC tool...

Code Dx 3.2.0

Code Dx 3.2.0 8/9/2018 Additions Added pagination to project listing page, project list on admin page Enterprise Added MISRA C and C++ standards mappings Fixes Fixed a bug causing case sensitivity when correlating based on finding element Fixed some bugs related to...

Code Dx 3.1.0

Code Dx 3.1.0 7/30/2018 Additions Added support for capturing and displaying data flow information from tools Enterprise Added hybrid SAST-to-DAST correlation capability using static analysis Fixes Fixed a bug potentially causing correlation to over-match when...

Code Dx 3.0.8

Code Dx 3.0.8 7/3/2018 Fixes Fixed a display issue in the analysis configuration dialog Fixed a bug that may cause findings to erroneously be marked as gone in certain circumstances Enterprise Fixed a bug causing analysis failure when processing certain DAST HTTP...

Code Dx 3.0.7

Code Dx 3.0.7 6/27/2018 Tools Enterprise Fixed WhiteHat cleanup migration to properly mark spurious findings as gone

Code Dx 3.0.6

Code Dx 3.0.6 6/25/2018 Tools Enterprise Updated WhiteHat tool connector to no longer use non-unique vulnerability ID as an identifier

Code Dx 3.0.5

Code Dx 3.0.5 6/15/2018 Tools Enterprise Updated WhiteHat tool connector to only process open attack vectors

Code Dx 3.0.4

Code Dx 3.0.4 6/6/2018 Tools Enterprise Updated Fortify reader to be more lenient on required fields

Code Dx 3.0.3

Code Dx 3.0.3 6/1/2018 Additions Added a props setting to control the default auto-archive setting Fixes Added verify button to git config form to prevent trying credentials too eagerly

Code Dx 3.0.2

Code Dx 3.0.2 5/30/2018 Additions Added correlation for findings and tool results that don't have a location Added logic to change findings marked as fixed to unresolved when they are observed again Enterprise Added ability to specify tool native ID and metadata using...

Code Dx 3.0.1

Code Dx 3.0.1 5/1/2018 What's different since v3.0.0 Release Notes This update adds an option to disable internet access by Code Dx. If your props file uses the dependency-check.disable-updater option for the purposes of preventing Dependency-Check from attempting to...

Code Dx 3.0.0

Code Dx 3.0.0 4/13/2018 What's different since v2.8.6 Additions Enterprise Added agent-based hybrid SAST-to-DAST correlation Enterprise Added tracing support to track code coverage for testing activities Enterprise Added trace execution page to see code called for...

Code Dx 2.8.6

Code Dx 2.8.6 4/5/2018 What's different since v2.8.5 Fixes Fixed a problem causing slow analysis performance with certain inputs Fixed a layout bug with the findings table in Firefox Fixed Dependency-Check update failures due to NIST NVD URL change Tools Enterprise...