Code Dx 2.5.2

Code Dx 2.5.2 6/26/2017

What’s different since v2.5.1


  • All Added a confirmation when deleting a rule set in use by one or more projects
  • All Changed permissions for rule set modifications to require admin privileges


  • All Added some missing detection method mappings for Code Dx 2.0 XML format
  • All Fixed an issue that may cause the recorrelation prompt to not show up
  • All Fixed an issue causing archived tool results to re-appear when upgrading to version 2.5.x
  • All Fixed a regression causing new finding IDs more often when re-correlating
  • All Fixed an issue causing archived tool result triage status to be propagated to findings
  • Enterprise Added logic to ensure hidden line number field is ignored for URL path types on manually entered results
  • Enterprise Added logic to prevent manually entered results from being merged when correlation is disabled
  • Enterprise Added logic to avoid creation of new findings when editing manually entered results
  • Enterprise Improved result mapping when additional data is recorded from tool output files


  • Enterprise Changed Veracode reader to record flaw ID and app ID in a more friendly format