Code Dx 3.2.0

Code Dx 3.2.0 8/9/2018


  • Added pagination to project listing page, project list on admin page
  • Enterprise Added MISRA C and C++ standards mappings


  • Fixed a bug causing case sensitivity when correlating based on finding element
  • Fixed some bugs related to recorrelation
  • Fixed a bug causing tool results to be rejected when the URL is "/"
  • Fixed a bug causing manually entered results/findings to become gone upon editing


  • Added line number to location sorting on findings page
  • Changed search functionality on findings page to further restrict rather than combine with filters
  • Reduced the number of notifications appearing on the Admin page


  • Enterprise Added tool reader support for Protecode
  • Enterprise Added tool connector support for SonarQube
  • Enterprise Added tool connector support for Fortify SSC
  • Enterprise Added support for API key authentication to Veracode connector
  • Enterprise Added CVSS metadata to Veracode component analysis results
  • Enterprise Fixed an issue causing duplicate entries for WebInspect rules