Code Dx 4.4.1

Code Dx 4.4.1 1/24/2020


  • Modal dialogs will now close when pressing the escape button
  • Enterprise Added visual log entries when users are created, deleted, enabled, and disabled


  • Made a fix causing background tasks to prematurely run during installation and upgrade
  • Fixed a bug causing zip exclusion filters to not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue causing slow page interactions in Edge
  • Fixed some display issues with modals when increasing page zoom
  • Fixed a rendering bug with markdown descriptions
  • Fixed a bug causing early ingestion errors to potentially hang the entire analysis
  • Made a fix to ensure project list filter isn’t shown on admin page before any projects are created
  • Enterprise Fixed a display issue when increasing page zoom on the instrumentation page
  • Enterprise Fixed an issue causing live update delays during issue tracker updates
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing the manual result entry modal to close when collapsing sections
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing the dashboard to erroneously include findings pending deletion
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing the dashboard to not load properly in certain scenarios
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing out of memory errors when deleting a large number of issue tracker associations


  • Updated bundled Node.js runtime to v12.14.0
  • Updated bundled ESLint to v6.7.2, bundled eslint-plugin-react
  • Updated bundled PMD to v6.20.0, added configuration options
  • Added error detection when attempting to run FxCop on .NET Core projects
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing Black Duck login failure when username or password contains special characters
  • Enterprise+InfraSec Fixed a bug causing Qualys integration to be unavailable with certain licenses