Code Dx 4.4.4

Code Dx 4.4.4 2/24/2020


  • Fixed a bug making it possible for the findings table to incorrectly indicate source code being available for archived inputs
  • Fixed a bug allowing access to the finding details page under certain circumstances for a finding that has been purged
  • Fixed a bug with the finding pending purge cleanup process
  • Fixed a bug causing rendering problems with the ‘Show X’ menu on the findings page
  • Enterprise Fixed an error condition when purging observed tool codes
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing incorrect font size on dashboard badges


  • Made some tweaks to the user admin UI
  • Fixed bug causing “last analyzed” field for project to incorrectly reflect failed analyses
  • Enterprise Made improvements to the CVE list logic on the details page
  • Enterprise Made tweak to collapse standards violations section on details page by default


  • Fixed an issue causing PMD to fail with certain JS inputs
  • Enterprise+InfraSec Fixed a bug causing multiple CVEs and bugtraq IDs to be ignored by Qualys reader
  • Enterprise+InfraSec Fixed an issue with the Nessus reader considering risk factor to be mandatory