Code Dx 5.0.0

Code Dx 5.0.0 4/2/2020

Release Notes

As of Code Dx version 5.0, MariaDB version 10.3 or later is required. If you have manually installed your database server, please ensure it is updated to at least version 10.3.


  • Added analysis failure logs to visual log page
  • Improved support for proxies
  • Improved configurability of concurrent analyses limit
  • Enterprise Added CVE search
  • Enterprise+Orchestration Added Kubernetes-based tool orchestration


  • Overhauled and improved the tool configuration page


  • Fixed a bug causing inconsistent handling of backslashes in props file
  • Fixed a bug causing project deletion to cause errors in log
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect project list count
  • Enterprise Fixed an issue with Jira user fields based on Jira API changes
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing Java parsing failures when using agent-based tracing


  • Enterprise Added support for NowSecure Workstation
  • Enterprise Added support for Microsoft Code Analysis (including Code Cracker and Security Code Scan)
  • Enterprise Added concurrent connection limit to SonarQube tool connector
  • Enterprise Updated several tool readers’ handling of CVE fields
  • Enterprise+InfraSec Added tool connector support for