Code Dx 5.0.3

Code Dx 5.0.3 5/7/2020


  • Added logic to show a message on the analysis page when user uploads a source or binary file directly


  • Enterprise Fixed a dashboard error causing non-triage events to erroneously affect the Created/Resolved counts
  • Enterprise Fixed an issue with LDAP preventing display names from being resolved when the assigned attribute has multiple values


  • Updated CWE to version 4.0
  • Updated standards list based on CWE update:
    • Added CISQ Quality Measures (2016)
    • Added CWE Architectural Concepts view
    • Added CWE Hardware Design view
    • Updated CERT C Secure Coding Standards
    • Updated CERT Java Secure Coding Standards
    • Updated CWE Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Errors (2019)