Code Dx 5.1.1

Code Dx 5.1.1 8/7/2020


  • Reduced log noise related to Tool Orchestration, even if not enabled
  • Fixed a bug causing code metrics update during analysis to fail under certain circumstances
  • Enterprise Fixed a potential bug that would cause LDAP users to be automatically removed from Code Dx user groups
  • Enterprise Updated a usage of a deprecated Jira user search parameter
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing the “% Coverage” column on the instrumentation page to show 0
  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing duplicate work item fields when configuring Azure DevOps issue tracker integration


  • Updated bundled PHPMD to version 2.8.2
  • Updated bundled Checkstyle to version 8.32
  • Added data flow ingestion to Cppcheck
  • Updated bundled SpotBugs to version 4.0.3 and bundled FindSecBugs plugin to version 1.10.1
  • Enabled HTML checks for bundled JSHint
  • Updated bundled ESLint to version 7.4.0
  • Enterprise Added DTP Engine recognition for Parasoft SATE integration