Code Dx 5.2.7

Code Dx 5.2.7 11/12/2020


  • Added support for ASVS standard
  • Enterprise Added project metadata display on projects listing and findings page
  • Enterprise Made general improvements to URL validation for tool connectors
  • Enterprise Added a delay/throttling to issue tracker requests


  • Enterprise Fixed a bug causing multiple page refreshes after issue tracker sync/auto-create
  • Enterprise Fixed issue tracker bulk operations not obeying the finding selections on the findings page
  • Enterprise+ML Fixed a bug causing predictions to not be updated after recorrelation


  • Enterprise Added sandbox support to Veracode tool connector
  • Enterprise Added support for ASoC app reports
  • Enterprise Made improvements to ingestion and correlation of Contrast component analysis results
  • Enterprise Added status mapping for Contrast tool results
  • Enterprise Made improvements to Protecode tool reader to support semicolon-delimited input files