Code Dx 5.5.0

Code Dx 5.5.0 9/29/2021

Release Notes

If you use LDAP or SAML, please see related upgrade notes at


  • Added compliance PDF reports
  • Added tagging support for findings
  • Added predicted status fields for CSV and XML reports
  • Added support for searching based on multiple hosts


  • Deprecated support for ingesting Code Dx XML reports
  • Made performance and functionality improvements for Tool Overlap filter


  • Fixed some issues causing minor incompatibility with MySQL
  • Fixed a bug causing an erroneous “There are currently no input files to display” message in Show Inputs list
  • Fixed a bug causing a double-refresh when toggling ‘Hide Gone Findings’ on the Findings Page view menu
  • Fixed a bug causing the header on the Finding Details Page to disappear for locationless findings
  • Made various minor UI fixes and tweaks


  • Added CVE and Seeker link for Seeker results
  • Improved ingested locations for Coverity issues
  • Fixed broken Coverity link for Coverity results
  • Fixed password encoding for Coverity Connect tool connector, causing login to fail if password contained certain characters


  • Upgraded pac4j library, which includes a fix for a SAML authentication vulnerability – ReplayCache was not in place (introduced v3.6.0)
  • Fixed a bug in LDAP authentication where hostname verification was always disabled (introduced v3.5.3)