Code Dx Application Support Agreement

I.   Introduction


This Support Plan provides you with information about the policies and processes designed with your support needs in mind. Please use this as a guide to help you get the most out of your investment in Code Dx solutions. The Code Dx Support Plan describes the software support services offered for software under a current software subscription license from Code Dx, which makes you eligible for the support services.


II.   Definitions


  • Classification refers to the Code Dx designated priority of the Support Request.
  • Covered Software means the licensed software for which maintenance services shall be provided under this Support Plan.
  • Support Request or SR refers to the initiation of a record or “ticket” documenting the details
  • of the request.
  • Workaround is a manner of addressing a software error by bypassing the problem in the system (software technical bypass). A workaround is typically a temporary, functional fix. Code Dx may subsequently correct the error in the Covered Software through a Product Patch or an Update.
  • “You”, “your,” and “Customer” each refer to the entity that licensed the Covered Software from Code Dx and is using the Support Program services.


III.   Policies and Procedures


The following terms and conditions shall apply as a Service Level Objective (SLO) for all technical support plans involving Code Dx solutions:

Support Contacts:  Access to Support Services by telephone or online is limited to Your designated support contacts. This allows for a centralized and efficient communication channel and ensures that only Your authorized personnel are exposed to Your sensitive information.

Technical Assistance: Standard multi-channel technical assistance through email & phone is available 0800-1700 ET, Monday to Friday for the covered products.

Supported Versions: Code Dx uses industry-standard version number protocols to identify the version of the Covered Software. For example, either by combining a major version number, a minor version number, a point version number, and a service pack version number (or build number); or by combining a major version number, a minor point version number, a minor alphabetical version number and service pack version number (collectively referred to as the “version.”) For the purposes of this Support Plan, a version will be considered an instance of the Covered Software, which is released by Code Dx with its own unique version number. You are encouraged to run the most recent version of the Covered Software.

Interruptions in Service: If You do not continuously maintain a paid-up Support Plan, You shall pay the applicable Support Fees not previously paid for all prior Support Plan periods before You may resume the Support Plan.


IV.   Resolution of Support Requests


Code Dx support personnel shall attempt to address each SR, regardless of classification, through the offering of technical advice, by locating an existing Workaround or by creating a new Workaround using the process described below in this Section.

Support Request Classification:

Each SR will be classified by Code Dx support as follows:

  • Critical: An SR will be classified as critical if the issue reported causes the Covered Software to be functionally inoperable and prevents the Covered Software from being used in production.
  • Serious: An SR will be classified as serious if the issue reported significantly degrades the usage of the Covered Software or materially restricts your use of the Covered Software in production. The Serious classification does not include questions on end use and configuration of the Covered Software.
  • Normal: An SR will be classified as normal if the issue reported is a question regarding end use, configuration of the Covered Software or a minor defect in the Covered Software which does not materially restrict your use of the Covered Software in production.

Response Times:

  • For an SR Classified as critical – 2 business hours ET
  • For an SR Classified as serious – 4 business hours ET
  • For an SR Classified as normal – next business day

Management Escalation Process:

Unresolved SR’s will be escalated to Code Dx management under the following approximate guidelines (as measured from the time of receipt of the SR by support):

  • Unresolved SR’s classified as critical or serious will be escalated to the Support Manager, within four business hours; to the CTO after one business day; to the CEO after three business days
  • Unresolved SR’s classified as normal will be escalated to the Support Manager within two business days; to the CTO after five business days; to CEO after 10 business days


V.   Conditions of a Support Request Resolution


Code Dx support shall attempt to address each SR provided:


  • You are running a version of the Covered Software you have installed and implemented all of the most recently available relevant Updates, including the Product Patches, Service Packs, or any other Updates or you do so at the request of Code Dx support. Code Dx support will make that request if it reasonably believes that the installation and implementation is necessary to achieve resolution of your SR
  • You are using the Covered Software on hardware and with third party software approved by Code Dx or as specified in the Documentation
  • The SR has, as determined by Code Dx, not been caused by (a) you, including, but not limited to your use of custom development code; (b) a third party resource; or (c) the operating environment in which the Covered Software is implemented, including, among other things, the operating system, database, other applications or programs, communication networks, or hardware
  • You are available to actively participate with Code Dx on diagnosis, testing, and resolution.


Code Dx reserves the right to suspend its obligations under this Support Plan at any time(s):

  • You are unavailable for such participation;
  • You have not provided Code Dx with all of the information necessary to allow Code Dx to reproduce the SR;
  • If required, you provide remote access to Code Dx for the system for which the SR has being requested. Such remote access will only be used within the context of troubleshooting