Application Changelog

Latest version

Code Dx 3.0.0

Code Dx 3.0.0 4/13/2018

What’s different since v2.8.6


  • Enterprise Added agent-based hybrid SAST-to-DAST correlation
  • Enterprise Added tracing support to track code coverage for testing activities
  • Enterprise Added trace execution page to see code called for each DAST request
  • Enterprise Added trace session filter to focus on findings called at runtime


  • Overhauled user interface with new styling/design
  • Made general analysis and correlation performance improvements
  • Improved API documentation


  • Fixed some UI bugs
  • Enterprise Removed "Manual Entry ID" from the finding evidence section
  • Enterprise Fixed an issue causing git over SSH to not work
  • Enterprise Made a fix to ensure the git config modal is always visible


  • Updated bundled Node.js runtime to version 8.9.4 LTS
  • Bundled ESLint version 4.14.0
  • Updated bundled Brakeman to version 4.1.1
  • Updated bundled JRuby runtime to version
  • Updated bundled Dependency-Check to version 3.1.1
  • Enterprise Added CheckMarx permalinks to result description in Code Dx
  • Enterprise Added tool connector for Cigital Cedar
  • Enterprise Improved performance of the ZAP tool reader
  • Enterprise Added missing handling for "high" severity vulnerabilities from Netsparker