Latest Updates of Code Dx Application

Latest version changelog

Code Dx 4.0.0

Code Dx 4.0.0 4/18/2019


  • Added a visual audit and error log page
  • Enterprise Added support for auto creation of Jira tickets
  • Enterprise Added the ability to disable Git source analysis for a new analysis
  • Enterprise+NetSec Added infrastructure and network security support (additional license required)


  • Fixed a bug causing the PDF report to not show details for findings without a location
  • Fixed a performance issue with cleaning up old result data during ingestion


  • Renamed "rule" column/filter to "type" and expanded the level of detail shown
  • Updated PDF report with new severity colors
  • Improved performance of Jira sync


  • Enterprise Added comment, detailed data, filter set, and trace options to Fortify SSC tool connector
  • Enterprise Updated Checkmarx tool connector; added OSA support
  • Enterprise+NetSec Added support for Nessus
  • Enterprise+NetSec Added support for Nmap


  • Added a plugin for Atlassian Bamboo

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