Code Dx Helps Enterprises Rapidly Release More Secure Software.

Our ASOC platform keeps you at the forefront of speed and innovation without compromising security. All through the power of automation.

Security is challenged to keep up with the speed of DevOps. Playing catch up increases the risk of a breach.

“Hurry and innovate” — Leaders

Business leaders encourage DevOps teams to push the pace of innovation to keep up with new technologies such as Microservices.

“We’re sprinting” — Dev & Operations

Development and operations teams work as fast as possible to meet the deadlines of short and frequent development lifecycles.

“We’re trying to keep up” — AppSec

Security tries to keep pace, but with several disparate reports to review and too many results to manage, they fall behind. In the rush to catch up, critical vulnerabilities may be missed.

A Breach Has a Massive Impact on Your Business

Percentage of data breaches now traced to software vulnerabilities.

The average financial impact of a cyber security incident.

Amount of money companies are spending to fix the problem.

Code Dx Mitigates Your Risk of a Breach, While Helping You Be Faster and More Agile.

Orchestrate Tools

Automatically runs
AppSec tools

Correlate Results

Combines security issues
found by 75+ tools

Prioritize Vulnerabilities

What should be fixed first;
filters out noise using
machine learning

Track Remediation

Tracks all testing and
remediation actives in a
System of Record

Centralize Risk Visibility

Single pane of glass for
continuous situational

Orchestrate Tools

Centralize and harmonize application security testing across all development pipelines in a scalable, repeatable, and automated way. Leverage Docker containers and Kubernetes to vertically and horizontally scale out clusters to handle the speed of DevOps.

Correlate Results

The Code Dx Correlation Engine reduces time spent fixing issues by combining and correlating the results from all of your AppSec scanning tools—static and dynamic, commercial and open-source—from a single console to manage your vulnerabilities more effectively.

Prioritize Results

Use the power of our Triage Assistant to predict which vulnerabilities are most critical to your organization through machine learning. Automatically send high priority vulnerabilities to developers’ issue trackers (e.g. Jira) for remediation. Prioritize based on compliance standards such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA, DISA, OWASP Top 10 and more.

Track Remediation

Tracks all testing and remediation activities in a system of Record so leaders can manage accountability. Our two-way issue tracker capability with tools such as Jira allow you to assign tasks to specific team members right within Code Dx.

Centralize Risk Visibility

Get a 360° view of risk for all applications—custom code, 3rd party components, network where software resides. Maintain a System of Record for all the AppSec testing and remediation tasks for each application, throughout its lifetime.

Code Dx Fits Seamlessly Into the CI/CD Pipeline

Your developers no longer need to view disparate reports or log into a variety of systems. Code Dx consolidates all AppSec activities into one place. Plus, because Code Dx has two-way integrations with Issue Trackers (e.g. Jira), your development team never needs to interact directly with any application analyzers.

How Else Can Code Dx Help You?

We offer the most comprehensive automation platform to enable your security team to focus on other key tasks.


Integrates with industry-leading 75+ SAST, DAST, SCA, NetSec tools.

Flexible Rules Engine

Provides the industry’s only extensible and customizable correlation rules.


Maps to industry-leading 20+ compliance standards including HIPAA, NIST, OWASP Top 10.

Hybrid Analysis

Combines SAST and DAST results to provide an in-depth look at your application.

Product Comparison

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Code Dx Core
Code Dx Enterprise
Code Dx Enterprise P.R.O.
De-duplication & Correlation
Remediation Tracking
Customizable Rules
Risk Visibility
Triage Assistant
Container Deployment Support
User/Project Capacity
Bundled Users/Projects
75+ Integrations
20+ Compliance Standards
API Access
Advanced API Access Support
Microservices Project Tier Option
Upgrade Path to P.R.O.

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