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AppSec Risk: The Dangers and How to Manage Them

Many organizations focus most of their cybersecurity budget on a few important things—network security, proper employee training, virus detection, firewalls, and policies, to name a few. All of these are crucial and necessary, but they’re only part of the grander...

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The importance of broken authentication and session management to application security

Managing usernames and passwords has become a cumbersome task in today’s internet-driven world. However, this is a necessary evil due to the rapid growth in data, advancements in mobile and cloud technologies, and the increasing plethora of security breaches seeming to happen every other day. As a result, authentication and session management has become more advanced to protect the data, systems, and networks that our society relies upon.


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Network security vs. application security: Why you need both for strong enterprise risk management

It can be challenging to juggle both application and network security and know how many of your resources you should devote to each program. Organizations often take an either/or approach, focusing more attention on either application security or network security. However, both are equally important for a comprehensive enterprise risk management strategy.

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