Application Security Solutions from Code Dx

For Executives

Cyberattacks are expensive and embarrassing. Data breaches are only going to become more common unless organizations take action now to prevent them. Most attacks can now be traced to weaknesses that were built into the code during development. You need to have an AppSec program to make sure that any application you release is as secure as possible. The Code Dx software suite provides a working foundation for an AppSec program, and can be expanded as your operation grows. Don’t risk releasing an app that isn’t secure—take steps now to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Security Professionals

It’s never enough to use just one tool to test your application’s security. Aside from providing more accurate results, we all know that your developers are going to need confirmation before they’ll address any weaknesses you find. That usually means manually cross-matching results from multiple tools (and multiple techniques) to make sure that all the vulnerabilities you flag actually are exploitable vulnerabilities. The Code Dx software suite takes care of this step for you, automatically combining the results of the tools you use in a single list of real action items.

Engineers and Developers

It’s much easier to secure code as you’re writing it than it is to go back and fix it later. The Code Dx software suite can fit right in to your development process, scan your code automatically, and point out issues each time you check in fresh code. Don’t wait for the security team to find these weaknesses later on; take care of them as you go, and save the time and hassle!