Supported Environments

Code Dx application plug-ins

Stay in your environment

It’s hard enough for developers and engineers to fix the vulnerabilities your security team finds, so why make them leave their development environment to do it?

In an effort to provide teams involved at every level of development with the tools they need to secure their applications as much as possible (without making more work for them), Code Dx, Inc. has made sure their products integrate with popular development environments. Now developers can stay in Eclipse to address vulnerabilities, rather than use the cumbersome, unfamiliar interfaces some other tools provide.

Plug-In for Eclipse IDE

Available through the Eclipse Marketplace, this plug-in allows you to use Code Dx and perform security testing on your projects and manage software vulnerabilities without having to leave the Eclipse Development Environment. Code Dx scans your Java codebases for security and quality issues and prioritizes them for you.

Eclipse Version Support: Kepler, Luna, Mars, Neon, Oxygen
Platform Support: Windows, Mac, Linux/GTK

Plug-In for MS Visual Studio

Available through the MSDN Visual Studio Gallery, this plug-in allows you to scan your projects with Code Dx and manage your security vulnerability findings right from within Visual Studio. Code Dx scans your .NET codebases for security and quality issues and prioritizes them for you.

VS Version Support: Visual Studio 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017
Platform Support: Windows

Plug-In for Jenkins

Available through the Jenkins Wiki, this plug-in allows Jenkins to push source and build artifacts to Code Dx to analyze, consolidate, and display security vulnerability analysis results from Code Dx’s full suite of static application security testing tools.

Plug-In for TFS

Visual Studio Team Services build and release extension to send artifacts to Code Dx.
Note that this extension requires a running Code Dx 2.0 server.

Works with: Team Services, Team Foundation Server